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Player: Sire (spiralis )
AIM: spiralcadence
Email: sirexais@gmail.com
Character: Lelouch vi Britannia
Series: Code Geass

You are also welcome to send me a message via LiveJournal.

Think I'm in need of some critique? Feel free to do so right here. I won't bite your head off and am pretty civil about crit. Improvements can always be made no matter how long you have played a character, right? Lelouch here might be a strong muse of mine, but I guarantee I'm not perfect. So praise or criticisms I will take. I only ask that you give tasteful critique and not outright flames. Thank you. ♥

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"Lelouch is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep."


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Turn ⚜ 021 ⚜ Voice

Ah... I suppose it would be about seven months, give or take. Of course, this only applies if memory serves me correct.

Speaking of, I am curious if the few gaps here and there are common or if perhaps I should be slightly cocerned.

May. 18th, 2011

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Turn ⚜ 0020 ⚜ Voice

Time seems to be crawling so slowly. Yet at all the same...

How many of you have been here a year or more?
[ a thunk, skid, and click starts the camera recording. the view isn't the best but clearly this? it's not Lelouch's room. hint? it's Flynn's. with the angle, the feed can't really tell you who is up on that bed at all, but it doesn't matter. with a little grumble and the sounds of someone stirring, a very tired Lelouch fumbles around around, crossing the other that's with him. eyes are a bit hazy, considering he hasn't woken up yet at all, and doesn't seem to know that as he picks it up it's recording.

he sits up again, using his free hand to rub the back of his neck. unfortunately, it's also displaying the fact he has no shirt on whatsoever. and that he's not alone. ]


[ The second occupant on the bed stirs a bit, but unlike Lelouch, he stays flat on the bed for a moment. ]

Did I wake you up, Lelouch?

[ now this causes some confusion as Lelouch furrows his brows. ]

Flynn? What are you -
[ and a groan. oh. god. morning confusion gone! what is this even. That free hand his now Lelouch doing a facepalm and rubbing the bridge of his nose. he's tight lipped, tone flat and monotone as he can get it and just wanting to get out because what the hell was he thinking!? deep breaths, Lelouch. deep. breaths. ]

Is that all you can say? "Good morning?" ...Idiot.

[ Flynn sits up and he's bare-chested. Nice and ho- I mean. Anyway, he doesn't seem to realize it's recording yet. ]

I'm sorry. I must have kept you up late last night.

[ And then, Flynn turns his head as he thinks about what to do next but notices the device recording instead. He looks surprised then, colors bright red before looking suddenly angry. Right before Flynn reaches to turn it off in Lelouch's hand, Lelouch understands why and let's loose the girliest shriek any guy could ever produce. then the feed dies... ]

((ooc: No, nothing actually happened, but feel free to assume what will. Lelouch is purple and Flynn is dark blue. Yuri and housemates are free to action on this too. 8D ))

Turn ⚜ 0017 ⚜ Video

[ honestly... he had just wanted to be home... but no. oh no. things don't work out like that for Lelouch. when he flips the video on, there is a clear view of things from his point of view. there is a mutt on top of him that had practically jumped him the moment he got in the door. Lelouch is pretty sure he had witnessed a cat, but the thing scurried off in a flash while he got taken out by the furry creature now occupying his lap. the dog? it's Ken's, not that Lelouch knows this. the fuzzball is similar to a chow. white fur with black around the eyes almost like sunglasses.

and Lelouch? he is not happy. ]

All right. Just when and how did this get here? I would have expected Suzaku to bring home some lost stray, but clearly this is not his sort of animal.

...Euphemia? Is this your doing?

[ stares at the dog hard. but it isn't budging. ]

What do you want? Get off!

Turn ⚜ 0016 ⚜ Voice

Just out of curiosity's sake... How many people are having blank patches in their memory? Surely that cannot be a good sign.

[ suspicious Lelouch is suspicious... especially since, ha ha, Geass can cause memory loss. also had been stalking House's entry. ]

Yuri. A moment of your time, please. If you have it.
[ shortly after Euphemia's Geass activating.... Lelouch works to filtering away this little announcement. of all the things to have go wrong this weekend... though he cannot really blame a curse for something he did to her, now can he? this is his responsibility as her murder and as her brother. ]

I would highly recommend that those who are Japanese here refrain from talking to Euphemia until this passes. If you feel the urge to, then by all means do not tell her your nationality! If you wish to help? Don't.

I will be taking care of this personally.

[ Locked to FLynn, Yuri, C.C. || 99% Unhackable ]Collapse )

((ooc: also early for I have been at a con and need to catch up on sleep. a-also wasn't here for her post so sort of need to backdate it in there too. orz.))


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Lelouch vi Britannia


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